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I thought I'd maintain some examples of using perl for moderately useful things. If you have a perl script with a QDOS slant that you think others might also find useful, then please forward it to me for inclusion on this page. ... 1903 bytes, Sun Nov 1 21:30:45 1998
The script that builds this HTML page! ... 1252 bytes, Sat Oct 31 18:55:19 1998
TCP/IP examples using udp and perl
qlmv ... 1282 bytes, Sat Nov 14 21:14:36 1998
Change the extension separator for all (or selected) files in a directory. All of two lines of perl :-) ... 9150 bytes, Sun Nov 1 10:07:47 1998
Some small 'C' programs to provide some additional services that some of the perl examples use. Place the binaries on your PATH ... 53969 bytes, Sat Oct 31 18:54:31 1998
GDBM (GNU Database Manager) example ... 305 bytes, Sat Oct 31 18:55:43 1998
Converts html to text ... 42932 bytes, Sun Nov 1 18:57:23 1998
QFAX print filter to enable use of otherwise unsupported printers from QFAX/printfax. Example given for Epson GQ. Provides a new printfax executable supporting piping output to an arbitary command.
filewalk ... 906 bytes, Sat Oct 31 18:53:50 1998
Traverse some or all of the file system, optionally performing some operation on some or all of the files.

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