New Forest Walks

This page contains GPX (GPS Tracks) and KMZ (GoogleEarth Keyhole Markup Language) files for a number of our favourite walks in the New Forest. As the New Forest is, obviously, a forest, GPS connnectivity may be lost from time to time, so some tracks may have been extapolated between areas of good reception.

Place GPX File KMZ File View Miles
Acres Down acresdown.gpx acresdown.kmz Google Earth 3.3
Amberwood & Alderhill Inclosures amberwood-alderhill.gpx amberwood-alderhill.kmz Google Earth 6.5
Andrews Mere - Stoney Cross AndrewsMere.gpx AndrewsMere.kmz Google Earth 3.3
Ashley Walk Range ashleywalk.gpx ashleywalk.kmz Google Earth 7.0
Backley Bottom backley-bottom.gpx backley-bottom.kmz Google Earth 5.4
Backley Bottom redux backley-bottom2.gpx backley-bottom2.kmz Google Earth 6.3
Blackensford Bottom blackensford-bottom.gpx blackensford-bottom.kmz Google Earth 5.7
Bramshaw Telegraph bramshaw-telegraph.gpx bramshaw-telegraph.kmz Google Earth 3.9
Bramshaw Wood bramshaw_wood.gpx bramshaw_wood.kmz Google Earth 2.7
Bratley Wood bratley.gpx bratley.kmz Google Earth 5.1
Bratley Wood redux bratley-2007-02-17.gpx bratley-2007-02-17.kmz Google Earth 3.5
Crock Hill, Alderhill and Splash Bridge crockhill-alderhill.gpx crockhill-alderhill.kmz Google Earth 7.8
Fritham Fritham.2006-03-11.gpx Fritham.2006-03-11.kmz Google Earth 3.1
Fritham redux fritham.gpx fritham.kmz Google Earth 3.1
Hampton Ridge / Godshill hampton.gpx hampton.kmz Google Earth 4.7
Hasley Hill hasleyhill.gpx hasleyhill.kmz Google Earth 6.9
Hasley Hill and Deadbuck Hill deadbuck-hasley.gpx deadbuck-hasley.kmz Google Earth 6.1
Holly Hatch, Deadbuck Hill & Splash Bridge holly_hatch-splash.gpx holly_hatch-splash.kmz Google Earth 6.0
Islands Thorns Inclosure islandsthorns.gpx islandsthorns.kmz Google Earth 5.8
Kings Garn Gutter Inclosure KingsGarnGutter.gpx KingsGarnGutter.kmz Google Earth 2.5
LatchMore Bottom and Broomy Plain latchmore-bottom.gpx latchmore-bottom.kmz Google Earth 7.1
Linford Bottom & Ridley Plain linford-ridley.gpx linford-ridley.kmz Google Earth 7.4
Longcross Inclosure longcross.gpx longcross.kmz Google Earth 2.7
Milkham & Roe Inclosures, Linford Brook milkham-roe-linford.gpx milkham-roe-linford.kmz Google Earth 6.6
Milkham Inclosure milkham.gpx milkham.kmz Google Earth 4.5
Milkham Inclosure redux milkham2.gpx milkham2.kmz Google Earth 3.7
Pickets Post pickets-post.gpx pickets-post.kmz Google Earth 4.0
Rakes Brakes Bottom rakes_brakes_bottom.gpx rakes_brakes_bottom.kmz Google Earth 4.6
Ridley and Backley Plains Ridley-Backley-Plain.gpx Ridley-Backley-Plain.kmz Google Earth 5.7
Sloden & Ocknell sloden-oknell.gpx sloden-oknell.kmz Google Earth 6.9
Sloden Inclosure sloden.gpx sloden.kmz Google Earth 5.4
Slufters & Oknell redux slufters-oknell-2.gpx slufters-oknell-2.kmz Google Earth 4.7
Slufters Inclosure & Backley Bottom slufters-backley.gpx slufters-backley.kmz Google Earth 7.2
Slufters Inclosure - Ocknell Plain slufters-ocknell.gpx slufters-ocknell.kmz Google Earth 3.0
Slufters Inclosure and Pond slufters-pond.gpx slufters-pond.kmz Google Earth 5.1
Stinking Edge Wood (& Backley Bottom) StinkingEdgeWood.gpx StinkingEdgeWood.kmz Google Earth 5.1
White Moor (Lyndhurst) WhiteMoor.gpx WhiteMoor.kmz Google Earth 4.5

No warranty, no guarantee of right of way or fitness for any purpose. You use this material at your own risk. Good walking boots and a map may help. Please Mr Google, can we have some better imagery in this area? (and thanks for the recent (June 07) update)

Jonathan Hudson

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