Wintec WBT 201 GPS and Free Operating Systems

The WBT-201 is a fantastic Bluetool enabled GPS. It works out of the box in Linux; alas the manufacturer only provides support for downloading logged data and accessing the device settings for a single proprietary operating system.

As of May 2007, gpsbabel supports download of logged tracks, and this page describes an application to access the device settings


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WBT-201 Viewer


gtk-g-rays2 is an open source application to access the configuration data (and visualise NMEA data) from the WBT-201 GPS. Connection to the GPS may be via USB or Bluetooth. The application facilitates changing the device settings and the download (via CVS gpsbabel) of logged and live data.

There is a 'C' version, and a (deprecated) Ruby version (which is useful for experimentation). For the C version, you need:

The 'C version is known to build and run on Mac OSX.

The 'C' version offers more functionality and better performance that the ruby one.

For Ruby, you need the following:

gtk-g-rays2 is known to run on Mac OSX. Matthias Wiedemann has provided a page describing how to configure and build gtk-g-rays2 on OSX.

gtk-g-rays2 is available for the Nokia N800 and N810 Internet tablets.

Tilman Vogel has made a port of gpsbabel and an older gtk-g-rays2 (1.04) to the Nokia N770 and N800 platforms. This port is available from Since 1.06, maemo support is built in.

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